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Now There’s a Low-Cost Way for ELL Kids to Master the Fundamentals of Math Via Narration in Spanish!

If your child is an English Language Learner, he or she is part of the fastest growing segment of the education population nationwide.

In many states, the percentage of ELL students who pass the mathematics exit exam on the first try is still 30 to 40 percentage points lower than overall initial pass rates, according to a Center on Education Policy survey of states with exit exams in August, 2005.

Succeed in: Math!® helps ELL students learn math and can
increase English comprehension at the same time!
Succeed in: Math!® content modules are animated with bilingual narration (English/Spanish). Spanish speaking students may need extra help provided by explanations in Spanish in order to fully understand math concepts. Students have the option to move back and forth between languages, increasing comprehension.
Many ELL students do not receive the same instruction as other students because they spend a large portion of their time learning English as a second language. Experience in New York and California indicates that students who become proficient in English are more likely to pass exit exams and graduate than students as a whole.
Succeed in: Math!® offers ELL students a greater opportunity
for success by providing a bilingual narration.
The percentage of English Language Learners nationwide that will have to pass an exit exam to graduate will increase dramatically over the next few years. By 2012, the percentage of ELL students affected will rise to 87%, based on current enrollment distributions.
In addition, the percentage of ELL students receiving more than 10 hours of specialized services each week has declined from about 67% in 1993 to 52% in 2003. One could speculate that the reduction of specialized services is partly due to restricted practice of bilingual education.
As states continue to cut back on specialized services for a growing number of students, Succeed in: Math!® provides anywhere, anytime access to bilingual math help that is proven to help students increase grades and test scores.

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Research by The Center for Business and Economic Research
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Nov 2008)