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  HOME PAGE – Math software that identifies exactly where students need help  
  HOW IT WORKSSee how our patent-pending Math software helps your child be more successful using our exclusive Personal Instruction Plan  


  PROGRESS REPORTS FOR PARENTS - Succeed in: Math!® software creates customized reports giving you up to the minute information on your child’s progress.  
  ELL – English Language Learners are the fastest growing segment of the student population nationwide. See how Succeed in: Math!® software meets the needs of bilingual students.  
  SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS – Our self-paced instruction has proven successful with students having special needs  
  RESEARCH RESULTS – Read the results of research conducted on Succeed in: Math!® software for the fifth largest school district in the U.S.  
  STUDENT PAGE – We show students how Succeed in: Math!® software works to help them become more successful, taking them through our exclusive step-by-step process.  
  TESTIMONIALS – Read what teachers and administrators have said about Succeed in: Math!® software  
  FACT SHEET – A comprehensive outline of the benefits of Succeed in: Math!® software for both parents and students.  
  EDU-News – Dedicated to delivering up to the minute information from the world of education and technology.  
  S.I.M. BLOG – Updates, news and postings on what’s happening in the world of education.  
  ABOUT US – Since 1995, we have been at the cutting edge of educational software, developing over 700 hours of interactive training. We know how people learn!  
  CONTACT US – Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s work together to help your child Succeed in: Math!®  
  LINK TO US – A win-win situation for increasing ‘findability’  

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