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What people are saying about math help received from Succeed in: Math!® software

Since the beginning, we have heard a great deal of positive remarks from parents and students. Before we can print personal testimonials, we must secure permission from parents who have purchased subscriptions and students who have used Succeed in: Math!® software.
Until we receive permission, we can post overall responses and impressions of Succeed in: Math!® software that we’ve received.
Parents and students are telling us:
  • Students needing math help adding /subtracting/ multiplying/ dividing fractions are now able to keep up with the rest of the class
  • With an hour a day using the program, students are increasing math test scores
  • Parents of home-schooled children find Succeed in: Math!® software an effective tool in discovering math problem areas and then fixing them
  • Parents say they appreciate the low cost of Succeed in: Math!® software and the 24/7/365 access from any Internet connected computer
  • Parents tell us the bilingual narration of the math modules helps their children understand concepts better
  • Parents and students say that Succeed in: Math!® software increases math skills
  • Parents with children having special needs appreciate the self-paced instruction so their children can learn at their own speed
  • Students like the interactivity and find the math practice problems helpful
  • Students say Succeed in: Math!® software helps them with their math homework
  • Students say that Succeed in: Math!® software helps them prepare for math tests and quizzes
  • Students enjoy the crossword puzzles and fun math games
  • Students like the way Succeed in: Math!® software delivers information in a different way than teachers do in the classroom
  • English Language Learner students appreciate the bilingual narrations that help them understand math concepts and do better in their class work.

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Research by The Center for Business and Economic Research
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Nov 2008)